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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE
27 October
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Codename; Jubilee
Real name; Jubilation Lee-Drake
Goes by; Jubilee, Jubes, Jubester, Jubecita (by Angelo).
Occupation; student, adventurer; former street performer
Group affiliation; Junior at Xavier's, member of X-men
Base of operations; Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Marital Status; Married
Relatives; Dr. Chen Lee (father, deceased), Tao Lee (mother, deceased), Bobby Drake (Iceman, Husband), Stephen Drake (father-in-law), Madeline Beatrice Drake (mother-in-law), Ronald Drake (brother-in-law)

Age; 17
Height; 5'3"
Weight; 105 lbs.
Eye color; Brown
Hair color; Black

Powers; [Since being boosted by Tessa] The ability to generate energy globules in varying degrees of power and intensity. These plasmoids obey her mental control -- traveling where she directs them; arranging themselves in balls. They can range from sparking -- or "fireworks" -- detonations powerful enough to take out a Sentinel in one paf! She can also absorb them back into her body without harm. She has a knack for getting out of sticky situations, explained by her psionic "stealth" and ability to sense and thus escape hostile persuers and situtations. She also is an empath, though is still getting used to the ability to read and influence emotions psionically.

History; The daughter of two prosperous Chinese immigrants, Jubilation Lee was born and raised in Beverly Hills, CA. She attended an exclusive high school, blossoming into a talented gymnast. However, her parents' stock-market woes sparked a rapid fall from grace that ended abruptly when two hitmen murdered Dr. and Mrs. Lee after mistaking them for their neighbors.

Orphaned and impoverished, Jubilee was sent to Los Angeles County Juvenile Hall. There, she learned to defend herself and became defiant toward authority. Her newfound rebelliousness prompted officials to arrange for her transfer to another orphanage. Fearing that the state would grant custody to her only living relatives in Communist China, Jubilee fled.

Seeking shelter at the Hollywood Mall, she survived as a petty thief. However, her shoplifting success was short-lived. Cornered by mall security, a panicked Jubilee manifested her mutant powers. Globules of energy shot from her hands, exploding in front of the police and enabling her to escape.

From then on, Jubilee led a lonely life. Her outwardly cynical attitude masked a deeper fear and general mistrust. She earned a living by creating "fireworks" displays for curious shoppers. Meanwhile, Jubilee continued to play cat and mouse with mall security.

Jean Grey and Ororo Munroe had been briefed by Professor Xavier, concerning Jubilee, and brought her to the Institute in 2000, where she was one of the first students along side her friends Piotr Rasputin and Kitty Pryde.

Currently, she rooms with Rogue, Kitty, and Theresa, all which have been promoted to the X-men ranks.

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