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February 2004
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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Are we playing the quiet game and no one told me?

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Um. Is anyone else wondering what happened to Miss Summers? I mean, I like Miss Tessa and all, Kitty did tell me she was nice, but... I was just wondering. With the camping trip being tonight and all.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

private.Collapse )

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

No words.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

from Jubilee, the christmas elfCollapse )

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Well. We're back.

And well. That was interesting.

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email to Angelo.Collapse )

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Operation Infiltrating the Drake family: Completed.

Yesterday's dinner was awesome. Mrs. Drake is really nice, and let me help mash some potatoes. Yeah, it was kind of awkward at first, but she likes me, I KNOW THIS. Mwahaha. She cannot resist that Jubilee charm. Go me. Wee. Hehe.

But yes, dinner was goooood. Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, stuffing, cranberry sauce -- IT WAS YUM.

So, how was thanksgiving back at the school? Eh?

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Hey you guys. Yeaaaah. Sorry about that. Was there for a day and now am in Boston with Bobby. We're hanging out in his room and he told me I should update. So. This is me. Updating. HI GUYS. Boston is nice. Bobby's room is a mess. Dirty socks! Garbage! Dirty magazines! All of it! Heee! Shh. He doesn't know I'm typing this. Teehee.

But yeah, I just wanted to tell you guys Happy Thanksgiving and all that fun stuff since we won't be at the school. EAT LOTS OF MASHED POTATOES FOR ME.
See you guys on the flipside!!

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

to LoganCollapse )
to RogueCollapse )
to KittyCollapse )
to TheresaCollapse )

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

I'm back. Been back a few days. But laying low.
Theresa and Amara? Angelo says hi.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

after all these years.Collapse )

(oocCollapse ))

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

[cut for length]
classic jubilee action here, folks.Collapse )

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

While you guys have your little Open Day, Angelo and Jubilee go to the beach.. and then see an interesting newscast....Collapse )

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

We just got to Los Angeles a few hours ago. Gil is really nice. He's making popcorn right now while Angelo and I read over what you guys have been up to these past few days. Angelo says hi.


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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

to LoganCollapse )
to RogueCollapse )
to TheresaCollapse )
to KittyCollapse )
to PiotrCollapse )
to ThomasCollapse )
to JohnCollapse )
to BobbyCollapse )
tacked on her doorCollapse )


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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

I hate him.

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

am the private queen.Collapse )

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

private.. again.Collapse )

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

scott and I didn't even get to play mario kart.

god. this blows. hardcore. just when he and i were becoming friends. of.. sorts.

shit. fuck this.

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Urm. *rubs eyes* I overslept. Bah. Tired from dancing last night. *yaaawn*
I'm going to have some cereal. Yes.

And hey, maybe I haven't seen her yet this morning, but she said she'd find a way home. So. Where the shit is Ali?

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

With so much going on, training, X-men shit, yadda yadda, I just remembered.

Bobby's birthday is the 7th.
He's turning 18!

I've been periodically adding to his uber!present. I mean, hello, the guy is becoming legal, therefore, this gift will be the creme de le creme of gifts a la Jubilee.

Mario Kart Telephone
AE Visionary Shirt
AE Tuxedo Shirt
pumas in blue

I'm also working on organizing a surprise party, though, it may or may not be such a surprise. His birthday falls on a tuesday, so, I'll have to sweet-talk the professor this year, though, it shouldn't be a problem. Hrm. Should prolly talk to JohnPyro, see if he wants in on the planning. Yes.

And tomorrow night? Some of us are going dancing again. Hee! In fact, I should probably go to bed. Soon. Since Bobby and I are getting up early to go play Dance Dance Revolution on the local mall. Yes. I somehow convinced him to join me. Also, hopefully, we'll out-dance Ali and Ev.

...and who am I kidding. When I went out to get the shoes, I got myself a new pair. Yes. And I fully plan on color-coordinating my outfit to match. Bllleh!


Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]


Right. So I met some of the new girls yesterday, and Angelica? She's pretty cool. Well, in a.. yeah. Not cool literally, like temperature wise .. ya know, shh Jubes. Shh. And Sharon's adorable.

And Cordelia gave me gum. So, heh, cool in my book.

Hey, Scott? When you get a chance? Can I talk to you? Eh? Come on buddy? How about over a game of Mario Kart? Eh?

Lalala. I haven't seen my boys in awhile. Logan? Bobby? Piotr? Thomas?

Angelo! I want to go to the playground! [/random]

Ooo. Training. It's so shifty. *goes*

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Ali's out of the medlabs! Wee! And I had fun at church with Ange. Heeee. It's shaping up to be a good week.

[private] Except news about Sentinels. Dude, I dunno. Maybe I'm too hung up on it, or something, but I get really really flustered and fidgety.. well, more than normal. I want to talk to Scott, see if we can up my training just in case, so, ya know, in a case like last time, I don't burn out, but he'd probably say it was no concern of mine. But it is. A big, metal, out-to-kill-me-and-my-pals kinda concern. And I can't just sit back knowing I have the ability to take one out, but due to lack of training, they want to stop me from helping. Yeah, bitter. That's right. Bah. [/private]

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

[private] Fuck all y'all. Yes. I like him. Like that even. Bah. *laksjd* [/private]

Well, this is strange being up so early. Got up to get ready for church. Yes. I'm going with Angelito. I really haven't been since before my parents were murdered died. I'm excited.

And everyone should be nice to Professor Summers Scott. He's a fun guy. And hey, Ange? We got a game of Mario Kart lined up with my new buddy. Yeaaah.

(ooc - drivelCollapse ))

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

I hear a bunch of you guys went to the zoo. Without me.

I would be bitter. But I was busy hanging out with Ali.

So instead, I'm just sad.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Who could not like Kevin Smith? [cut for length]Collapse )

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

I'm an X-man.

Holy shit.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

There's a new SNES. Angelito and I got it yesterday with plenty of games.
However, it's in my room. So it won't get destroyed. You'll have to ask one of us to use it.
I think the Prof is getting us like a playstation and xbox... or something? but yes. super nintendo? you have to go through clearance.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Bobby's hands can turn to ice!

But, besides that, I met Angelo last night. He and Bobby played a game of Mario Kart, and he one, so it was a battle.

And, sadly, he beat me.

BUT THAT'S BECAUSE I'M NOT IN MY TOP FORM. I haven't had to cheat and be stealthy in awhile.

But no worried, Angelo, this will be rectified. My title will soon be mine once more.

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

If you ever touch my super nintendo again, Pietro, I will kick your ass so hard you'll be crying in Tokyo.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

I'm done.
At nearly 2am, I am done with my essay.
Go me.
Now, to give it to Doc Grey.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

She hasn't actually read the book before. But the spark notes of it prove interesting. So Jubilee opens the book, since she's so intrigued by the character of Ellen Olenska.

And she reads. She started late yesterday afternoon, only hoping to skim and find enough to write the essay, pick a few quotes and key passages, and be done with it. But she kept reading, more in depth, seeing parallels and similarities and contrasts. Edith Wharton wove together a novel that when reading it from Jubilee's perspective, grips Jubilee by the collar.

Jubilee is still reading. Over 13 hours later. She rereads certain sections, high-lights others, dog-ears some. She turned off her music a long time ago to focus. She's becoming engrossed in Wharton's Age of Innocence. Together with Wharton's style, the time period, the satire, the fashion, and the fate of Countess Olenska, Jubilee remembers how her mother used to read to her when she was younger. And not normal children books. Some nights, chinese folk lore, others, classic novels. Jubilee listened with eager ears.

She misses her parents. She wonders what they would think of her now. Part of her is trying to tell herself that like other parents of mutants, they wouldn't be able to accept her, they'd shun her, but deep down, seeing her father's laughing face in her thoughts, and her mother brushing her hair, telling Jubilee to "put that thing down!" -- Jubilation knew they'd be proud of her.

Jubilee has been through a lot these years. They seem so condensed with memories. Comedies. Tragedies. She traces a finger along the edge of the page to turn it, eager to go on after a moment of reflection.

She's gotta start writing that paper sometime. And she doesn't know how her thoughts will spill out on paper. Dr. Grey should just read her mind, it would be easier on both of them, it wouldn't leave a paper trail, and it would save a tree. Yes.

But in all honestly, Jubilee is a little nerdy, and kinda wants to write this paper.

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

I found a book or a story for Dr. Grey's punishment to write on. I just have to decide now which one. And, ya know, make sure it's okay with her.

Guh. Off I go. This essay for punishment thing sucks. Homework? I swear, Dr. Grey, you're evil. Or something.

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Well, I must say, um, confusing, yes.
Possibly detrimental to my health, yes.
happy Jubilation again? yes.
this can't be good for my sanity.
but o well.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

(yes, it's private)
I've come to the conclusion guys like me in a purely platonic sense.
And I mean ALL guys.
I think I'll go curl up and die now.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

I'm back.

I'm sorry.

I'm going to hole myself up in my room now.

It's easier that way.

Trust me.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Late Thursday Night / Early Friday morning
Take all your big plans, and break them. This is bound to be awhile.

Jubilation Lee is nervous.

And this, the following, is why.

It's a little known secret, not well hid, but not really discussed either. People just... assume sometimes by the way she acts, by the way she flirts and so on, that Jubilee knows what she's doing.

She doesn't.

Sharing a single bed hotel room with Remy? When she saw that, she nearly pissed herself. Because, despite popular belief and her seemingly charming ways with the opposite sex, Jubilee hadn't had a boyfriend since she was 14. Or putting it bluntly. Jubilee was a virgin. And being with Remy in a small hotel room, it makes her nervous.

She doesn't know what to do or how to handle herself. Yes, sex was always a possibility, Jubilee knew this. Hello? It's Remy and no chaperones on a road trip. Trouble. That's what Jubes got herself into.

They spent the day mall ratting at some local, dingy mall after check-in after Remy took a nap -- Jubes couldn't sleep. They ate in the food court -- he, mall chinese food; she, Wendy's. Already, Jubes may have been a little on edge. Because she was looking-forward-to-slash-dreading that evening.

Then night fell, the mall closed, and they head back to the hotel room.

Jubilee hesitantly makes the first move, it was the least she could do after he grinned at her in that way that just egged her on. She clumsily kisses him when he had looked at her, both standing in the doorway. She felt her heart in her throat when he too indeed felt slightly awkward, but only for a second. Mr. LeBeau, ladies and gentlemen, apparently had a better hold on what to do than Miss Lee.

They stand in the doorway for a bit, and Jubilee slowly eases up. Something about his new found confidence makes her confident, if only for a little while. They stumble toward the bed and before Jubilee catches herself, she pushes him back onto the bed, crawling on top of him, and hey, look, continuing the already kiss. He grabs hold of her as she fumbles to get his shirt off, a lazy smug grin laced somewhere behind his questioning face.

Ma femme, you certain?

She doesn't answer with words, but with an eager kiss, then lingering along his jawline as her hands went elsewhere.

She doesn't love him. She doesn't know him that well. Why she was giving herself to him she didn't know. He paid attention to her, he was attractive and funny, and he wasn't... she stopped, her lips brushing his rough skin, but she forced the thought out of her mind. But it was there. She just choose to ignore it.

By the way, audience, the thought she's ignoring? It was he wasn't Bobby. Jubilee refuses to acknowledge such, and with probable cause.

Listening to his rough Cajun groans, something about her name and his accent, how it was so raw, it ignites something in her, spurs her on. She chuckles against his skin and sits up, looking over him as he sets himself up on his elbows as she stradles him. She starts to unbutton her shirt teasingly and on his lips, a roguish grin appears.

This is gonna be interesting.

...to be continued in this log

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Wednesday, Early Evening...

Jubilation Lee works quickly to fill a duffel bag full of thing she would need. Clothes, shower stuff, girly stuff, a magazine or two, a bottle of water. She glances up at the clock. Dinner time. The halls should be clear.

She throws her bag over her shoulder and stalks down the hall of the girls' quarters. She then scurries over quickly to the boys side of the mansion, looking over her shoulder as she went. She hopes everyone is at dinner, and they are, or at least, she assumes since she sees no one as she slips a note under Bobby's door.

She stands quickly, suddenly feeling bad about her decision to leave with Remy.

Remy and Jubilee had been doing the awkward flirting thing in nearly every one of their energy class they had under Scott.

He had jokingly brought up something about them running off into the sunset, trying to be his usual suave self, but somehow he sounded a little unsure.

But Jubes had liked the sound of it.

"No, I like the sound of that, Let's do it." she said quietly, a small smile spreading across her face.

He blinked at her. "Seriously, chere?"

She nodded, glancing around to make sure no one heard them. "Yeah, tonight. Let's go."

Remy swallowed and shoved his hands in his pocket. "Yeah? Ah mean, Ah got tha' new car an' all,"

She bit her lip and started thinking devilish thoughts, not actually being responsible and thinking that, hey, there might and most likely will be consequences if they do this. It was the middle of the school week, Remy was already falling behind in Hank's class, and Jubilee would probably take some heat for running off with Remy. But at that moment, watching Remy appear sheepish, she knew she had to do it. It was the break from boredom her soul cried for.

But now, standing at Bobby's door, she thought about those consequences. For one, classes. Professors. That whole jazz. And also, if she's being totally honest with herself, which she isn't, she is unsure of how Bobby would react. Or maybe, she wants him to react. But she doesn't realize any of this. She just shrugs it off.

She touches Bobby's door lightly, as if to signal a goodbye and turns to go downstairs. Remy is waiting outside with his new car. She sneaks past the common room quickly as not to alert anyone of her leaving.

Outside, Remy leans on his car, chewing on his thumbnail. When he sees her he straightens up, a grin lighting his face.

"Now, ya sure ya wanna go through with this, chere?"

Jubilee glances back at the Institute as she skips down the stairs. She turns to face him with a smile. "Hell yes."

He chuckles, if not slightly nervously, under his breath and offers to take her bag, which he puts in the back seat and holds open the door for her. She slides in, noting the bag of trash hung up on the back of the driver side head rest, already filled with some trash. It seems he cleaned up a bit before she came outside.

She reaches for the deck of cards on the deck and just starts shifting through them; they were old, frayed, smudged, and had obviously been through a lot.

He gets in next to her, excited about his new ride. He grins over at her, boyish charm and all.

"I like your car," she grins, and means it. He laughs and starts the car, the clutch sticking but slowly giving into Remy.

The car had a story. And soon, so would she.

...to be continued in crispycajun's journal...

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

I'm getting bored around here. Not by you guys, but I'm feeling antsy. Ya know?

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

I'm never leaving my room again.

Consider Jubilation Lee retired.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

I love Robert Drake.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Ya know, Emma's right. About Magneto. Dude, he was a great man, did a lot of stuff. Even if by the end he was a monster. He had a lot of influence and power.

But yes, let's forget thoughtful Jubes. She's so drab and boring.

I would like to warn all of you: I'm getting restless. Pranks may be pulled soon. Mwahaha. I mean, wha?

I'm also planning Amara's birthday party. More on that later. And in secret. Since the actual going ons at the party are a surprise. *must call.. I mean, wha?*

[private to self: making out with a friend is one thing. when he's your best friend and gay it's another. i hate dreams. bah. i won't be able to stop giggling like a moron for a bit. like logan!sex. but more about me. *sigh*]

Well, I'm bored here. Going to stir up trouble. See ya on the flipside.

[another private to self: i perhaps am way to giddy over having a power control class with remy. and a few other classes. but eee. teeeheheee. okay, i'm done.]

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

- Scott's Energy Control Class & Calculus
- Ororo's World History
- Logan's PE
- Jean's English 2
- Hank's Electronics Class
- Prof's Economics

Come sit by me! I'm cool! I wear deodorant! Yeaaaah!

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Remy thinks I'm pretty?

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Someone should play Dance Dance Revolution with me. I won't scream about sex, I swear. But I so will! Muthafucks.

Rogue's back now! I can't tell you guys how happy I am. It took some coaxing, but I think her absorbing some of my life force totally helped out. What can I say, I'm a drug. Everyone should be taking me. *dance*

And. Had a nice chat with Bobby. I miss him. We used to hang out all the time, inseparable even. We've both changed a lot since we came here. But it's glad to know some things never change -- I so kicked his ass at Mario Kart.

Also, Logan's not so bad. He's cool when he's in the right mood. Which, hopefully now that he's uh.. *cough*gettingsome*cough* He will be more often.

Ooo. Adult Swim is on.

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

New people should come find me. We should get to know each other. I like new people, game?

This is what I get for going to sleep. *grumble*

Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

My advice for the day, or week, or however long I'm gonna be conked out.

If you wanna use your powers, use them in quantities you can handle and are used to.

This conclude's Jubilee's Public Service Announcement.

I just feel all sore all over. Like, it hurt when I first pulled out the big guns, but it subsided. Now, I just ache. I think this is what Dr. Grey was telling me about. If I try and use my powers now, I could do more damage, rather than good.

Professor Xavier is coming this afternoon to put me in a form of sleep -- totally forgot the name of it -- so that my body can heal itself. The way he explained it to me was something about a big mental capacity thing-a-ma-jig. Yeah, whatever. Put me to sleep so I can get this shit over with. I'm tired of sitting in bed, even though I'm hurtin.

Ooo! Ali's here! And I think she has ice cream!

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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

Dr. Grey was trying to make me go to sleep when I got in. Which I did. But I woke up. No one knows I'm back yet, do they?


Back from hell on earth. But it was fun. In a "hey-i-didn't-die" type of way. But also, I had fun with Ali! God, so much fun. In a good way, too.


We got to the island all right, found Logan, all dead-like and shit and then had a run in with a couple of Sentinels. That's why I'm stuck in the medlab. I overexerted myself, or something. Exhaustion, I think Dr. Grey called it. She says I seriously strained something in my mind, and it has to heal fully before I use it again so I don't injure myself further. So I'm stuck here. When my friends are out there.

Anyway, I might have to go into a coma or what not. There's talk about that. Just like a way to heal, so I don't strain myself. Dr. Grey said it will pass like nothing. I'll just be asleep for a week. That way, my brain can repair itself and everything will be okay and I can do fireworks out in the courtyard at night... I mean, that wasn't me.

Okay, suddenly got tired.


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Jubilation Lee-DRAKE [userpic]

I can't believe that 2 million mutants were just -- eradicated.

That number doesn't even sound believable!

It's just...

This is shit.

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